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Claritech (Pty) Ltd is a privately held business that specialises in the monitoring and management of SIM and device assets across multiple carriers.

SIM SentinelTM is a powerful web-based application that provides businesses with the relevant tools and data analytics necessary to control and manage their SIM/APN environment. There is no software or plug-in to install, simply login from any web browser and manage your SIMs across all network operators.

Managing mobile contracts is no small challenge; in an large connected environment we talk of thousands not hundreds of SIMs (linked to devices), devices which are typically deployed in remote locations and which are prone to overage if not well managed or controlled.

Corporate APNs provide many organisations with seamless secure connectivity to their corporate environments. Keeping track of key network configuration aspects, APN aggregate usage and allocations with a series of useful tools provides business the means to manage this substantial SIM environment. SIM SentinelTM and SIM SentinelTM Mobile provides the functionality needed to administer all of these data and administratively intensive tasks.

To provide a world class, low cost, carrier agnostic SIM monitoring and asset management platform.
GSM connectivity is an enabler, it is not your core business. Let us worry about monitoring and managing the enabler so that you can focus on your core business knowing that there aren't any suprises.
We offer a SaaS or on-site solution that can operate in any number of models from fully managed to completely hands off. Please contact us for more information.

Company History

JUN 2013
Claritech (Pty) Ltd founded and SIM SentinelTM v1.0 launched in South Africa.

The soft launch of SIM SentinelTM, Claritech (Pty) Ltds' flagship carrier agnostic monitoring and device management solution.

FEB 2014
Through active client consultation and engagement v1.2 of the product is released.

Claritech includes feature enhancements to the product including location based lookups and muli-SIM device oversight and management.

SEP 2014
Interim announcement: Client and SIM numbers continue to grow.

With a truely diversified footprint of clients, the solution feedback has been positive and we have committed to offering more functionlaity and to keeping the product methodology in line with current trends ensuring that our clients get the best experience technology has to offer.

FEB 2015
Further engagement with clients leads to the launch of v1.5 of SIM SentinelTM

Now you can topup your prepaid and/or contract topup SIMs directly from the SIM SentinelTM platform without having to manage the process through another system.

SEP 2015
Interim release: addressable and non-addressable sensor management

Embracing the M2M community, we now offer the ability to chart, manage and report on IoT related readings. This is all managed through SIM SentinelTM. To find out more, contact us.

Feb 2016
Claritech (Pty) Ltd launches SIM SentinelTM Mobile for Android and v2.0 of SIM SentinelTM is released

Integrated directly into the main administrative platform SIM SentinelTM, SIM SentinelTM Mobile is launched to assist ICT managers and support staff in the monitoring and management of their mobile asset base.